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Jekyll regeneration does not stop 

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Most likely your editor is writing settings to the folder you are running Jekyll from. For example, try running 'jekyll serve' and then open the folder with Visual Studio 2017 and you will see it starts regenerating.

Command line showing Jekyll regenerating issue

Jekyll serve does not render layout 

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So you are using visual studio to do some jekyll github pages.

Did you save the files as UTF-8 without signature ?

  • File > Advanced Save Options...
  • Tools > Options > Text Editor > General > Auto-detect UTF-8 encoding without signature
  • Tools > Customize > Commands tab > Menu bar > File > Add Command... (if advanced save missing)

No EditorOptionDefinition Export Found Error 

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I had this error after I crashed a nodejs tools process in visual studio 2013. Apparently removing the component cache folder fixed it.

  • Close visual studio instances
  • Open the folder: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\
  • Delete ComponentModelCache folder
  • Start visual studio

This fixed the "No EditorOptionDefinition Export Found" error


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Nodejs tools for visual studio

Nodejs interactive window

  • ctrl-K, N
  • .npm -v

Nodejs location in vs 2015

  • Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > External Web Tools

Nodejs max path issues (solved from v5)

  • npm install npm-windows-upgrade -g && npm-windows-upgrade --npm-path "c:\tools\vendor\nodejs"
  • npm install rimraf -g
  • npm dedupe
  • npm install flatten-packages -g (might give version conflicts)


Visual Studio 2013, C# 6 and .Net 4.6 

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These steps are needed to get C# 6 features working in your visual studio 2013.

This seems the only workable way for the moment. I hope Microsoft changes it's mind about support for 2013...

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