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Tips for managing future online projects 

Categories: Management

Crystal ball predictions for 2016 and the near future...

  • Invest in machine learning, a big part of your content should be generated automatically
  • Use realtime data gathering to market your thousands of prospects
  • Improve your customer journey maps especially on the real vs virtual touchpoints
  • Sell small hardware related to your website
  • Find partners that really understand technology and find others to audit them
  • Setup policies for use of SaaS
  • Let your employees participate in open source initiatives

Nodejs in station NMBS 

Categories: Leads

Today, I saw this time keeper when walking in the South train station of brussels.

screen with clock developed in nodejs

Makes me wonder, why would they leave the nodejs logo at the bottom of the screen?

  • Is NMBS trying to recruit new techies in this way?
  • Is Nodejs trying to promote a more mature image?
  • Will they tell us more in the next days?

Anyway... javascript in the back-end of the train station. And people wonder why trains are late...

Developers will be business most valuable asset 

Categories: Management

Cloud providers will do everything they can to attract the largest developer pool they can, as that will inevitably presage the victors in the cloud provider wars.

Loosely coupled application topologies are the hallmark of Web-scale companies.

Developers will be the most strategic mantra for third platform competitors in 2014 – for the next two decades, the biggest winners in the industry will be those that can capture the hearts and minds of this next generation of innovators over the next two years.

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Things that kill creativity 

Categories: Management
  1. Surveillance: Hovering over adults. Making them feel like they're constantly being watched. The risk taking and creative urge hides.
  2. Over Control: Constantly telling adults how to do things often leaves them feeling like their originality is a mistake and any exploration a waste of time.
  3. Competition: Putting adults in a win-lose situation, where only one person can come out on top, does not foster creativity. Collaboration Does.
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