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This section of the website is used as a technical dump and knowledge database. Plenty of times we run into issues we have seen before or problems that come back again and again. we plot down notes and check points, so we can come back here and use them as a reference. Do not expect long tutorials. Just the core things you need, nothing more.

Use any of this information carefully and at your own risk, but feel free to contact us if you spot any issues.

Jekyll regeneration does not stop 

Categories: Visual Studio

Most likely your editor is writing settings to the folder you are running Jekyll from. For example, try running 'jekyll serve' and then open the folder with Visual Studio 2017 and you will see it starts regenerating.

Command line showing Jekyll regenerating issue

Developer tools show only custom window properties 

Categories: Javascript

You can run this code in your browser console and then add a watch for the windowCustomized variable. It will have only custom added window properties or leaks.

windowCustomized = {};
var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
iframe.onload = function() {
var standardGlobals = Object.keys(iframe.contentWindow);
for(var b in window) {
const prop = window[b];
if(window.hasOwnProperty(b) && prop && !prop.toString().includes('native code') && !standardGlobals.includes(b)) {
windowCustomized[b] = prop;
iframe.src = 'about:blank';

Set network adaptor order for windows 7 or 2008R2 

Categories: Windows

You can re-order the priority of your network connestions through the adapter settings window, but you need to know the secret key...

Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings -> Press Alt Key to make the Advanced menu visible -> Advanced Settings.

0x80004005 - CIFS SMB Sambo Network Share Error 

Categories: Network

So you are using windows 2008r2 or any of it variants and you are trying to connect to a network share in some workgroup.

You get this unspecified error when your network adaptor does not include 'Client for Microsoft Networks', which is often forgotten when virtual network adaptors are created automatically.

  • Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Change Adaptor settings > Select your current network adaptor > Install > Client > Client for Microsoft Networks > OK > ... > restart or enable/disable network adaptor


Categories: Virtualization


  • Kernel Namespaces - Isolation
  • Control Groups (cgroups) - Resource Utilization
  • Capabilities - Privilege Partitioning
  • Every container gets its own writable top layer
  • One process per container, but we can run multiple processes

Who & What

  • dotCloud - Solomon Hykes
  • docker witten in Golang started by using LXC (evolved into libcontainer)

Getting started

For windows 2008R2 install docker from:

Documentation at https://docs.docker.com/

Browse images at https://hub.docker.com/explore/

Commands for quickstart terminal

  • docker-machine
  • docker-machine ip
  • docker-machine ls
  • docker-machine env

  • docker --help

  • docker info
  • docker run hello-world
  • docker images
  • docker ps -a
  • docker rm distracted_minksy
  • docker rmi c54a2
  • docker run container-name
  • docker run -d -p 80:80 container-name:mayor.minor
  • docker run container-name --cpu-shares=1024 --memory=1g
  • docker stop c54
  • docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
  • docker inspect c54 | grep Pid
  • docker top container-name
  • docker kill -s docker

  • docker run ubuntu /bin/bash -c "echo 'some line in a file' > /tmp/some-file"

  • docker commit container-name custom-image
  • docker history custom-image
  • docker save -o /tmp/custom-image.tar custom-image
  • tar -tf /tmp/custom-image.tar
  • docker load -i /tmp/custom-image.tar
  • docker network create --driver bridge customisolatednetwork
  • docker run -d --net=customisolatednetwork container-name
  • docker logs container-name
  • docker --debug ps

  • docker-compose build

  • docker-compose build --no-cache
  • docker-compose up -d
  • docker-compose logs
  • docker-compose down

Portmapping: /var/lib/docker/containers/[hashofthe_container]/hostconfig.json

Shortcut Keys

  • Exit container without killing it: ctrl + P + Q


  • docker attach
  • ssh
  • docker-enter 8b
  • docker exec -it 8b /bin/bash
  • docker run -v /usr/local/bin:/target jpetazzo/nsenter
  • nsenter -m -u -n -p -i -t /bin/bash


  • docker build -t hellonginx:0.1 .
  • docker build -f custom.dockerfile -t kenowi/custom
  • docker run hello printechothismessage


Store data in directory on host

  • docker run -it -v /test-dir --name=testvolume ubuntu:15.04 /bin/bash
  • docker run -it --volumes-from=testvolume ubuntu:15.04 /bin/bash
  • docker run -v /data-dir-host:/data-dir-container
  • docker rm -v testvolume


  • apt-get install bridge-utils
  • brctl show docker0
  • cat /etc/resolv.conf
  • docker run --dns= --name=dnstest my-image
  • docker port containername
  • docker run -d -p --name=overudp my-image
  • docker run -d -P my-image
  • docker run --name=src -d my-image
  • docker run --name=dst --link=src:alias-src -it ubuntu:15.04 /bin/bash
  • env | grep ALI
  • cat /etc/hosts


  • hub.docker.com
  • docker tag imageid kenowi/custom
  • docker push kenowi/custom:1.0
  • docker pull kenowi/custom:1.0
  • docker run -d -p 5000:5000 registry

Docker on Ubuntu

  • sudo su
  • uname -a
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install -y docker.iodo
  • service docker.io status
  • docker -v
  • docker version
  • docker info
  • ls -l /run
  • cat etc/group
  • sudo gpasswd -a my-user docker
  • logout
  • docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash
  • exit
  • netstat -tlp
  • service docker stop
  • docker -H -d &
  • docker -H -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -d &
  • ls -l /var/lib/docker/aufs/diff/
  • docker start ff7
  • docker attach ff7
  • alias dps="docker ps"
  • service docker stop
  • docker -d -l debug &

Docker on CentOS

  • yum install -y docker
  • systemctl start docker.service
  • systemctl status docker.service
  • export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://"
  • export DOCKER_HOST=
  • ps -elf
  • cat /etc/hosts
  • ip a
  • cat /etc/redhat-release
  • yum check-update
  • yum install -y vim
  • vim /tmp/testfile
  • :wq

Docker and Fedora

  • docker run -it fedora /bin/bash
  • docker pull -a fedora
  • docker images fedora
  • pstree
  • man
  • iostat

Docker and CoreOS

  • docker pull coreos/etcd




  • docker run -d ‐‐name selenium-hub -p 4444:4444 selenium/hub
  • docker run -d -P ‐‐link selenium-hub:hub selenium/node-chrome
  • docker run -d -P ‐‐link selenium-hub:hub selenium/node-firefox


seleniumhub: image: selenium/hub ports: - 4444:4444

firefoxnode: image: selenium/node-firefox ports: - 5900 links: - seleniumhub:hub

chromenode: image: selenium/node-chrome ports: - 5900 links: - seleniumhub:hub

  • docker-compose up -d
  • docker-compose scale chromenode=3


  • docker pull kitematic/hello-world-nginx


  • sudo docker run --detach \ --hostname gitlab.example.com \ --publish 443:443 --publish 80:80 --publish 22:22 \ --name gitlab \ --restart always \ --volume /srv/gitlab/config:/etc/gitlab \ --volume /srv/gitlab/logs:/var/log/gitlab \ --volume /srv/gitlab/data:/var/opt/gitlab \ gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest

  • docker run gitlab/gitlab-ce



  • docker images --tree


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