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This section of the website is used as a technical dump and knowledge database. Plenty of times we run into issues we have seen before or problems that come back again and again. we plot down notes and check points, so we can come back here and use them as a reference. Do not expect long tutorials. Just the core things you need, nothing more.

Use any of this information carefully and at your own risk, but feel free to contact us if you spot any issues.

Add existing Git repository to Github 

Categories: Tortoise
  • Create a new repository on github, without any files like readme, license, ...
  • Copy the Github repository REMOTE_URL
  • Open cmd in your existing git repository
  • git remote add origin  <REMOTE_URL>
  • git remote -v
  • git push --set-upstream origin master


Adding new certificate remote access windows 

Categories: Windows

You can get a new remote desktop self-signed certificate by removing the old and restarting the service.

  • Goto certification store: Computer / Local Machine / Remote Desktop
  • Remove the current certificate
  • net stop SessionEnv
  • net start SessionEnv
  • Refresh store to check if new certificate is correct


Enable TCP/IP on mssql 

Categories: SQL Server

Let's say you want to use 'npm install mssql --save' but can't get connected to your local server.

You probably need to check these things:

  • Ensure you can connect manually through SQL Server management studio
  • Provide connection info to clients by turning on mssql browser service
    • Services > SQL Server Browser
  • Check Sql Server Network Configuration
    • Start > SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configurations > enable TCP/IP
    • On property tab of protocol ensure IP ALL has no dynamics and 1433 as port with enabled
    • Restart server instance
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