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My first real computer experience started at the age of 12 when I got an MSX2 computer as a gift. I had spent some time on sports/computer camps of BLOSO and my parents decided that a computer would be both educational and fun.

Some weeks later I started writing my first program. My father had shown me how he coded a program that calculated averages and when finished he pressed the reset key and said to me : “Now it’s your turn…” With pride I showed him my working program some days later and he simple added : “It should be doing as many averages and from as many numbers as I want…” So I continued …

Later on I started writing my own programs for all kinds of stuff. Programs to index my books and floppy disks, small drawing programs, a music piano, a disk menu, … At the age of 16 I joined some demo / coding groups and I was fascinated by computer generated imagery programming. I began my education in computer science and slowly started to write programs for other people (some for free, others paid) The computer stuff at school was really easy but I had to work hard on economical and law subjects.

I graduated with honors at the Rega Department in Belgium and started working 3 weeks later. While having a fixed contract, I still worked as a freelancer for other companies. Working weeks were quite a bit longer than the usual 38 hours. Some projects very interesting, some less interesting.

Nowadays I am running a company, developing some products, doing freelance jobs, love traveling, enjoy family and children, and just living life.

I started this section, so I can use it for telling old computer stories to my grandchildren one day.