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Enable TCP/IP on mssql 

Categories: SQL Server

Let's say you want to use 'npm install mssql --save' but can't get connected to your local server.

You probably need to check these things:

  • Ensure you can connect manually through SQL Server management studio
  • Provide connection info to clients by turning on mssql browser service
    • Services > SQL Server Browser
  • Check Sql Server Network Configuration
    • Start > SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configurations > enable TCP/IP
    • On property tab of protocol ensure IP ALL has no dynamics and 1433 as port with enabled
    • Restart server instance


Categories: Nodejs

Depending on the operating system you are using, you might get warnings like these:

  • npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: fsevents@1.2.11 (node_modules\fsevents)

Warnings for sure are useful during development, but they just overload build servers with noise that should only be there when requested.

You could use npm install --loglevel=error to prevent the warnings to show up in your build logs.

In case you have hard time finding an issue, you could go with npm install --loglevel=silly

(loglevels: silent, error, warn, info, verbose, silly - see also https://docs.npmjs.com/misc/config)

npx react-native start gives invalid regular expression 

Categories: Nodejs Reactjs

Most likely your 'node_modules\metro-config\src\defaults\blacklist.js' has an invalid regular expression.

You can correct it with the expression below

var sharedBlacklist = [

However, it's more likely that you just downloaded an older react-native example and are trying to run this with a different version than intended.

You could ensure that you install all the package.json dependencies fixed to the version the example was build with.

Or you could upgrade all packages to their latest version and fix any issues that might come from that.

At least with the second option you are ready to go with all the latest tools.

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