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Things you should know about the windows command window 

Categories: Windows

When you are in explorer and you type cmd + enter in the address bar a command window (cmd.exe) will open in that location.

Shortcut keys

  • tab : to cycle through the files beginning with letters you already typed
  • f7 : show history of commands
  • arrow up/down : loop through commands
  • winkey + cmd + ctrl/shift/enter : will open elevated prompt
  • ctrl + c : stop current action


  • cls
  • color A
  • dir | find "grep" /i /v /c /n : ignore case, exclude, count, line number
  • netstat -o
  • tasklist -m
  • taskkill -pid 4
  • tracert ken.be
  • sfc /verifyonly
  • assoc | more
  • driverquery
  • powercfg /energy
  • arp -a
  • nslookup ken.be

 more at Windows key + R shortcuts and technet command-line reference

Install global node in different location on windows 

Categories: Nodejs

Change global nodejs location

  • Install into c:\tools\vendor\nodejs
  • Create folder c:\tools\vendor\nodejs\npm-cache
  • Create folder c:\tools\vendor\nodejs\etc
  • Set NODE environment variable as c:\tools\vendor\nodejs
  • Ensure %NODE% environment is added to %PATH%
  • Set NODE_PATH environment variable as c:\tools\vendor\nodejs\node_modules
  • Edit %NODE_PATH%\npm\npmrc with the following content prefix=c:\tools\vendor\nodejs
  • npm config --global set prefix "c:\tools\vendor\nodejs"
  • npm config --global set cache "c:\tools\vendor\nodejs\npm-cache"
  • npm -g install npm@latest
  • install any npm module



No EditorOptionDefinition Export Found Error 

Categories: Visual Studio

I had this error after I crashed a nodejs tools process in visual studio 2013. Apparently removing the component cache folder fixed it.

  • Close visual studio instances
  • Open the folder: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\
  • Delete ComponentModelCache folder
  • Start visual studio

This fixed the "No EditorOptionDefinition Export Found" error


Categories: Nodejs Visual Studio

Nodejs tools for visual studio

Nodejs interactive window

  • ctrl-K, N
  • .npm -v

Nodejs location in vs 2015

  • Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > External Web Tools

Nodejs max path issues (solved from v5)

  • npm install npm-windows-upgrade -g && npm-windows-upgrade --npm-path "c:\tools\vendor\nodejs"
  • npm install rimraf -g
  • npm dedupe
  • npm install flatten-packages -g (might give version conflicts)


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