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Things you should know about the windows command window

Categories: Windows

When you are in explorer and you type cmd + enter in the address bar a command window (cmd.exe) will open in that location.

Shortcut keys

  • tab : to cycle through the files beginning with letters you already typed
  • f7 : show history of commands
  • arrow up/down : loop through commands
  • winkey + cmd + ctrl/shift/enter : will open elevated prompt
  • ctrl + c : stop current action


  • cls
  • color A
  • dir | find "grep" /i /v /c /n : ignore case, exclude, count, line number
  • netstat -o
  • tasklist -m
  • taskkill -pid 4
  • tracert ken.be
  • sfc /verifyonly
  • assoc | more
  • driverquery
  • powercfg /energy
  • arp -a
  • nslookup ken.be

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