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Back to Eli

Categories: Network Windows

'Back to Eli' is a typical expression used by it-professionals, when they run into people who are supposed to be professionals but actually are missing some basic computer knowledge. Eli the computer guy is a YouTube teacher that makes little movies about technology and he repeats himself so many times that it is impossible you will ever forget... 

(Eli5 means explain like i'm five)


Why would you hack your dns?

  • block pages from employees on corporate network
  • routers do not allow to loop outside your network and back in

Order in which DNS resolves domain names into ip addresses

  • browser
  • local hosts file
    • Windows: dir C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • Linux: ls -l /etc/hosts¬†
  • local or private dns server
    • mostly the one handing out DHCP eg. router
    • service like dyndns.com
  • public dns servers

Free DNS

  • google.com: and (DNS Client Service)
  • opendns.org: and (filtered dns)

VPN - Virtual Private Networking

  • old routers might not allow vpn pass-through