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Engagement Mana

Categories: Leads

Engagement Mana is just a term I invented (or at least didn't find it when I started using it)

It's to point out to people how important it is to take care of websites (or other digital assets) that are being decommissioned.

Often things get removed and all the links and pages disappear without propper goodbye messages. 

I find it very annoying when I follow a link online and it just redirects me to the home page of the website. And probably your customers find it stupid too. Not to mention that search engines will for sure punish you for this behavior.

There are so much better, easy to implement solutions. 

  • Put a message why the project was closed and point people to most relevant topic on your existing sites.
  • Give them some positive message and present them with search on your system about that topic.
  • Do some ux tests to see what your customers would like in that situation.
  • ...

Anyway, just keep the soul of your old digital assets alive... you will not have to wait until the afterlive to be rewarded.