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Flags sent and restore process

Categories: Messagent

For each mail that has been sent the flags table should contain a listid/userid/campaignid/actionid/probeid=-1 record.

Underneed is an example of a procedure to restore flags from backup :

  • (operator) Messagent Interfaces of webservers off
  • (operator) Messagent Maintenance Website webservers on >> automatisch hierdoor production sites off
  • (operator) Messagent Services off (application server)
  • (dba) Rename FLAGS to FLAGS_RENAME
  • (operator) Create new, empty table flags
  • (operator) Messagent Websites on
  • (dba) Disable Bulk Logging
  • (dba) Copy new records FLAGS_RENAME naar FLAGS_NEWRECORDS (dt >= max(dt) van backup)
  • (dba) Restore FLAGS from backup over FLAGS_RENAME
  • (dba) Remove Indexes
  • (dba) Create new Indexes
  • (dba) Enable Bulk Logging
  • (operator) Messagent Websites off, Maintenance Websites ON
  • (dba) Copy ALLE records FLAGS naar FLAGS_RENAME
  • (dba) Rename FLAGS_RENAME to FLAGS
  • (operator) Messagent Websites on
  • (operator) Messagent Campaign Agent on
  • (operator) Messagent Activate Interactive Campaigns
  • (operator) Wait till Campaign Agent idle (what is best way to check ?)
  • (operator) Check if ACTIONQUEUE contains mails to be sent
  • (operator) Remove records from ACTIONQUEUE if needed
  • (operator) Messagent Services on (application server)
  • (operator) Messagent Interfaces of webservers on