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Red5 Installation and Windows setup

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Download latest RED5 installer from http://code.google.com/p/red5/.

(for versions above 0.9.1 Final I seem to have issues ?)

Install JDK:

Set Windows environment variables:

(computer - properties - advanced system settings - environment variables)

  • Set JAVA_HOME environment variable to C:\Program Files (x86)Java\jre6

Installation of RED5:

  • Run set-up file (setup-Red5-0.9.1.exe).
  • Default directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Red5.
  • IP Address Enter =
  • Port 5080 

Run RED5 service:

  • Start the windows RED5 service
  • Run Start > Programs > RED5 > Start RED5

Test RED5 installation:

  • Open URL http://localhost:5080/
  • RED5 page should appear which means the RED5 server has been installed successfully.
  • Open http://localhost:5080/installer/.
  • Install the SOSample.
  • Open the demo from C:/Program Files/Red5/webapps/root/demos/BallControl.html in two different browser windows. (through the web page)
  • Press the connect icon on both the pages.
  • Yellow light turns to green on successful connection.
  • Now move one RED5 logo and you see the logo in other page moving automatically.

Access RED5 external:

  • Assign correct ip in C:\Program Files (x86)\Red5\conf\red5.properties
  • Change passwords in realm.properties and/or use admin.jsp (separate download)
  • Open firewall for port 1935 for RTMP and 5080 if you want to access the webserver
    (control panel - system and security - windows firewall - advanced settings - new inbound rule - port tcp)