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Android development with c# and virtualbox

Categories: Android

Screenshot of app running in VM

Installing the virtual Android

  • Create new virtualbox machine
  • Linux 2.6
  • 512MB memory
  • 4GB hard drive
  • Insert ISO into CD
  • ISO: https://code.google.com/p/android-x86/downloads/list
  • Boot machine
  • Install Android-x86 to harddisk
  • Create/Modify partitions
  • New - Primary - Bootable - Write - Quit
  • Select sda1/Linux/VBOX HARDDISK
  • Select ext3 and yes to format
  • Yes to GRUB
  • Yes to install the /system directory
  • Remove iso and restart
  • Set your virtual network connection to Bridged Adapter
  • Disable mouse integration option
  • Skip wifi setup
  • Skip google setup

Checking the network

  • alt-f1 will swith to console
  • ifconfig
  • ping ip from another machine on your network
  • (if needed: netcfg eth0 up, netcfg eth0 dhcp, setprop net.dns1
  • alt-f7 back to desktop
  • (or use alt-left and alt-right to switch between root and desktop)

Setup Android C# development

  • Set android developer setting to not sleep
  • Settings - About - Click Build Number a few times to enable developer
  • Settings - Developer options - Stay Awake
  • Start dot42 device center
  • Connect via wifi
  • Add ip of the AndroidVM
  • Open a sample and start debugging
  • Select the vm in the device center
  • Confirm the access on the vm