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Google+ for Business - Notes

Categories: Google+ Notes

by Jesse Stay

  • Hangouts will give more humanity to your business

Why Google+?

  • Social layer on top of all google products, not a social network.
  • Google calls it their social spine/glue.
  • Follow people on the stream that are related to your keywords.
  • Your tagline is included in the search results of Google, so important for your keywords.
  • Target towards people, not the brand ! (people, content, places)
  • Google+ page (no touch policy) vs Google profile.

What to do?

  • Focus on building your personal page first and then promote your page after this.
  • Segment your audience, especially influencers. And target them with specific content.
  • Use people to point to the brand (make a person represent the service) eg. Dell Computers
  • Schedule Hangouts and broadcasts to create followers.

Page Analytics on your profile.

To know what kind of posts your people are interesting in. And at what time they read it.

Direct Connect and +1 Badges for your website, so you have +1 buttons in the search.

Hangouts Videochats

  • eg. Michael Dell, Scott Jarvie, DJ Kaskade
  • Up to 10 people in one chat room.
  • There is an api that allows you to hangout extentions.
  • Crash other peoples hangouts, especially if you have lots of fans.

Google+ and Search

  • Also use plus.google.com
  • Search people and pages.
  • Search Google+ Hangouts

Trending terms and search

  • Real time, rich content 
  • If you type into a trending, it will pop-up in this stream.
  • People see their search bubble, so you need a way in. Circle lots of people.
  • rel="author" tags to google+ profile will rank your article higher.
  • Authority is greater then recency and other facters!
  • Google "Search Plus Your World"
  • Add plus1 button to your site.

Customize + Snippet

  • Inserting rich data that Google+ will show on sharing
  • schema.org
  • You can put this in the body or in the head.

Adding an author

  • <a href="your google link" rel="author">same name as profile</a>
  • and add site to your profile

Utilize badges and +1 buttons

Google+ Hangouts API

Google+ Developer API (and limits)

plus.google.com Tools

  • Tools that allow multiple social posts:
  • hootsuite 
  • hearsay social
  • vitrue
  • involver
  • chrome extensions: reformatting interface, cross posting, ...

Books to read:

  • How to win friends and influence people - Dale Breckenridge Carnegie
  • Enchantment - Guy Kawasaki