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ActionQueue States

Categories: Messagent
-666 On Hold Set by emergency pause procedure NULL Warning
0 Scheduled Mail is scheduled and is waiting to be picked up by the mailagent NULL Ok
1 Pickup Pickup in progress  NULL Ok
2 Pending Mails have been picked and are being processed at this moment NULL Ok
5 Retry Mail is ready for retry  NULL Warning
10 Illegal user The user account was invalid. NULL Error
11 Bad Domain The domain was invalid NULL Error
12 Bad Template The template did not generate a valid message for this user NULL Error
13 Illegal Address E-mail address was obviously incorrect. Delivery was not even attempted. NULL Error
14 Blocked by rule Blocked by a rule  NULL Error
15 Bad catalog Catalog could not be retrieved  NULL Error
16 No items Catalog was loaded, but no items where found.. BLOCK_NO_ITEMS was set on mail  NULL Error
17 IgnoreList mail should be ignored NULL Error
18 Sender Problem Failed, Not delivered due to sender problem  NULL Warning
19 Receiver Problem Failed, Not delivered due to receiver problem  NULL Warning
20 Bad Server The server responsible for the referred domain was inactive or was unable to accept the message NULL Error
21 Blacklist Blacklisted NULL Error
22 Greylist Greylisted  NULL Warning
23 Soft Bounced e-Mail A Soft-bounce was received by the Messagent PopAgent NULL Warning
24 Hard Bounced e-Mail A Hard-bounce was received by the Messagent PopAgent NULL Error
25 Mailbox full Failed, Mailbox is full  NULL Warning
26 Spam Failed, Could not be delivered because of content screening  NULL Warning
27 Complaints Hotmail complaints NULL Warning
30 Success The mail was successfully accepted by the remote mailserver NULL Ok
200 Rollback Mail in rollback - checking delivery status in logfiles  NULL Warning
500 Modified Modified by debounce module NULL Warning
666 Cancelled Set by emergency stop procedure NULL Error