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Azure Cloud & Storage Services

Categories: Azure Notes

Some notes from Windows Azure Fundamentals by http://mattmilner.com

Fabric controller will keep the requested number of instances running.

Package & Configuration files

  • .cscfg is xml stating the os
  • .cspkg is just a zip file

Service Definition

  • Virtual machine sizing
  • Endpoints
  • Certificates
  • Websites (web role)
  • Environment variables
  • Startup tasks
  • Configuration settings declarations

Service configuration

  • Operation System
  • Instance count
  • Values for configuration settings
  • Certificate thumbprint

Managing Cloud Services

  • Affinity groups
  • Fault domains
  • Upgrade domains
  • VIP swap

Storage Services

  • x509 certificate and SSL
  • Storage Account Keys
  • ETags
  • Azure Storage Explorer


  • PartitionKey, RowKey, Entity (key/value pairs), Timestamp
  • Max 255 fields including keys
  • Matching partition keys = data in same physical partition
  • Transactions only on the same partition


  • Root container - Named container (first dir) - Blob (second dir and filename) 
  • http://<account>.blob.core.windows.net/images/web/background.jpg
  • Block blobs vs Page blobs
  • Content-cache metadata=TTL in CDN

Queues (max. 7 days)

  • No capitals in name allowed
  • 64kb Max after base64 encoded and including xml headers
  • eg. worker role that creates thumbnails or processes video
  • A worker role can update a message.