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Categories: Notes


  • ELF: Extensible Linking Format is the file format commonly used for Playstation binaries. Eg. BOOT.ELF
  • ESR : This is not an abbriviation but a way to load dvd copies. I prefer using network loading with OPL as the whole point is to not only spare your dvd roms but also your playstation laser. Remeber that you need to patch your dvd iso before burning it.
  • FMCB : FreeMcBoot allows for booting your playstation into software installed onto your memory card. Which allows you to copy software from a usb-drive. It's kind of catch-22 as to be able to install the initial software on your memory card you need to have a card that has FMCB installed. If you can't buy an initial copy there are tricks to exploit the dvd loading and install it like this, but that's kind of tedious.
  • GSM : Graphics Synthetizer Mode Selector you might need to get some specific games working. You can learn about the workings, but it's mostly enough to just lookup the mode in the tables at PS2-home.
  • OPL : Open PS2 Loader, far the easiest way to manage playing games over the network. Doesn't work for all games, but use it whenever possible to spare your ps2 laser.
  • SMB : Server Message Block aka Samba allows you to setup a network between your PS2 and pc.
  • SMS : Simple Media System allows for playing videos. Nice, but not very useful since we all have tablets now.
  • MagicGate : Brand of original PS2 memory cards that is needed to run FMCB, watch out as often the bigger ones are fake and will not work. Use an original 8MB for your first experiments.
  • uLaunchElf : Your basic file browser that allows you to run executables.


Some screenshots of playstation 2 fmcb and opl settings over network.