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Checklist for new nuget creation

Categories: .Net

We use this checklist whenever we need to setup a new nuget package, that way it will include tests, coverage, labelling and deployment.

  • Create repository on server: hg init c:\Respository\Nugets\ken.X
  • Clone repository to local machine using TortoiseHg
  • Create new Project: Templates - Windows - Class Library - Create directory for Solution - ken.X
  • Close solution and move everything up one directory (cause of clone) - ken.X.sln
  • Add ken.Tools nuget package to solution
  • Create default hg ignore file with *.suo *.user bin debug packages/ tools/
  • Add new Class Library Project for testing: ken.X.Tests + add ken.XUnit
  • Solution - Configuration Manager - New - 'Publish' copy from Release and create project configurations
  • Update so output directory for Publish is release folder in ken.X.csproj
  • Update so output directory for Publish is release folder in ken.X.Tests.csproj
  • Add Import Project for build.config in ken.X.Tests.csproj (<Import Project="..\tools\build.config" />)
  • Update assembly information for ken.X.Tests
  • Update assembly information for ken.X and add InternalsVisible for ken.X.Tests
  • Add nuspec file to ken.X
  • Rebuild the test project with publish configuration to deploy the nuget.