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Fiddler shortcut key to copy request to composer

Categories: Network

To edit and reissue a request you can drag and drop it to the composer, but I couldn't find the shortcut key for this.

Steps to add this functionality behind the 'X' key:
(edit: changed this to X because the new fiddler uses E for breakpoints)

  • Ctrl + r to open fiddler script
  • In OnBoot() add: 
  • After this method add: 
    static function HandleAKey(Sender, theKey:KeyEventArgs) { 
        if (theKey.KeyData == Keys.X)
               var oS: Session = FiddlerApplication.UI.GetFirstSelectedSession();
               if (null == oS) return;
               theKey.Handled = theKey.SuppressKeyPress = true;
  • Restart fiddler