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Remove files from systemprofile and WinDirStat huge unknown space resolved

Categories: Windows
  1. You check WinDirStat with options > show unknown and see that huge disk space is unknown
  2. You remove system restore points and still see huge disk space in unknown
  3. You run WinDirStat as an admin and the application hangs
  4. You worry, if someone is proxing stuff through my computer
  5. You use  Procmon to check the file activity and see that lots of files are written in C:\Windows\System32\config\ systemprofile\AppData\Local\ Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
  6. Ah, IE again. You delete this files and realize that they are created faster than you delete.
  7. You type one of the htm files and see Assembly Binding Log Entry
  8. You realize you forgot to turn off Fuslogvw (and it somehow logs to this hidden folder wtf)
  9. You open Fuslogvx and click settings > log disabled
  10. You cleanup the milion of files mess you made, understanding why your computer was going slower lately
  11. Priceless, well actually around 850 euros