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Sticky Notes

Categories: Windows

You know, those little post-it notes you can put on your desktop just to remember things. Well I was looking for them some time ago and it seems that it is horrible difficult to find this simple thingy. You can pay a lot of money for it or use one of the free version that are no good, like the sticky notes included with windows 7.

Anyway, we just did it ourselves. If you want the exe and code with a visual studio 2010 solution for free, just send us a message. Here was the sticky notes executable for windows 7 but since google thinks my website is malicious because of this I had to remove it. If one evening I have a bit of time I will move the project to my github.

If you want to do it yourself:

  • figure out how to keep the windows on desktop after show desktop command
  • figure out how to keep dragging, resizing and closing once there is no border
  • figure out how to save the data on the machine with limited permissions
  • figure out how to display your sticky notes on start-up
  • figure out how to drag the note from any place

It took us about two business days to build it.

Red pointer showing sticky notes.